Zip Archive of
ElevatorGate & The SlimePit / SlymePit
- the original threads -

Here is an archive of the comment section debates that became known as ElevatorGate and The
SlimePit (aka SlymePit), I saved the comment threads. The comment threads are no longer at their
original locations. Some are available at the Internet Archive, but sometimes those links don't work, so I
saved copies of their copies for some of these.

This archive contains two long comment threads, 1) the original comment threads at the ERV blog, which
became known as the SlimePit, and later the SlymePit, and 2) the comment threads at PZ Myers'
Pharyngula blog, where Richard Dawkins' profound and controversial "Dear Muslima" comment originated
during ElevatorGate discussions.

The saved files are from the beginning of the whole thing up until before the Pit continued on, in the form of
a forum, over at The 'never-ending' original comment threads continue currently in the
subforum area of

The formatting of the saved web pages is a bit messed up, but the articles and comments are easily
readable. So, here they are in a zip file. Unzip with subfolders intact, and open the file index.htm in the
main directory.